005: Fervor Friday With Maureen Pollack Creator Of The WaterSlyde

Water Masturbation A not-so-secret technique among women is using water a shower & faucet as a super-adaptable sex toy. Give your hands a rest and try one of these clean self-pleasure tricks. Lets also talk about the water slyde 

The Bath Faucet Trick

If your tub faucet has enough pressure, you can use it to stimulate your clitoris and even give yourself a great orgasm. The basic idea is to lie down on your back with your legs against the wall, spread open, and put your Vulva right under the faucet. Turn the water on, adjust it to your liking, and let the pressure do its work.

For those interested in exploring new sensations. Try temperature variation: begin with cold water until your clitoris just starts to get numb, then make it warmer and scooch up as close as possible to the faucet, using your hands or your legs. Ladies to add on to this incredible sensation lets talk about the water slyde, this incredible device created by Maureen Pollack adds on to a delivery of an incredible orgasm, here is what you do you attach the water slyde to your faucet and allow the water to run onto your Vulva the slyde eliminates the acrobatics of getting your body under the facet and just allows for the water to massage your PunPun & Orgasm guaranteed! Men can also use the faucet to masturbate. The water pressure needs to be fairly high, but if you kneel in the tub and get your penis as close to the faucet as you can, you can learn how to "penetrate" the water stream.


Ladies and gentlemen meet the Goddess behind most orgasmic pleasure tool (that I believe should be in every house hold) Maureen Pollack.

 Maureen Pollack is the inventor and founder of The WaterSlyde™, a patented one of a kind water diverter designed to aid women in bathtub pleasure and hygiene.  She has helped empower women in all stages of life to embrace pleasure through coaching and lifestyle products. She believes in removing the stigma surrounding sexual health and personal hygiene.  Maureen is a strong proponent that all women deserve to feel comfortable and confident in every aspect of life and enjoys collaborating with other companies and women who share a similar mission.  Feel free to reach out to her with any questions or comments.  


Goddess can you tell us a little about your upbringings? How did your family react to you creating pleasure tools? 

In efforts to keep it brief, I was raised in a conservative jewish home with a fun liberal mother and the best stepfather a daughter could dream of.   Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s we had a for it’s time a gender neutral home. My brother was the ballet star and model while I enjoyed my time playing sports and exploring the sewers with the neighborhood boys.  In terms of sexuality I was never shamed for finding self pleasure at an early age. As far back as I could remember I would indulge in self pleasure almost daily. When my mother received a phone call from my preschool that I was indulging in self pleasure during nap time she simple told me it was fine but I should only do it in private.  For that, thank you mom! Fast forward to when my 30’s when I created The WaterSlyde, I was nervous as to how my family and community would react but I was pleasantly surprised as to how accepting and they both where. In fact within 5 minutes of launching my website I received my first order and it was from my mother. And a couple weeks later I was invited to my local JCC to have a booth at their Woman’s Health Event.    

How would you define yourself and what purpose inspires you?

I would define myself as an multi faceted sensitive woman who is ever maturing into a stronger, clairvoyant, supportive woman who finds joy in embarrassing the beauty in life.    I find joy in women having full control over their life and the choices they make. 

Goddess as a woman who multitasks a family life and a business, what advice would you give other woman whom have no time to create or incorporate pleasure into their lives?

I find it important to remove the guilt some of us women place on ourselves when it comes to selfcare.  Many women are task oriented and check off their chore TODO lists. It’s easy for some to accept you must wash the dishes before you go to bed.  Or, some check their email first thing in the morning. I personally find incredible value in beginning or ending my day with pleasure and selfcare.  Similar to the advice you get everytime you fly, put the mask on yourself before you take care of others.  It can take just 5 minutes which you have probably just spent reading this.   

Goddess, you are inventor and CEO of the WaterSlyde. Can you describe the WaterSlyde to us?

 The WaterSlyde is a female pleasure product/hygiene device.  It is a water diverter that simply attaches to most forward facing bathtub spouts. The water flow is easily directed to the midline of the bathtub, allowing the water to land in the most delightful way.  It is a tool to aid women in self care and pleasure during their Goddess Bath Ritual.


How did you come up with the idea for the WaterSlyde?

 It was a beautiful accident actually. When I was 15, while in the bathtub I reached for the faucet to help sit up and it popped off. Behind the faucet was a pipe shooting the water straight out. The water began spraying me in the face, so I quickly jumped back, and it began spraying me in another place.  Let’s say I took about 4 baths a day until my father fixed it. Looking for a similar experience, I began scooting under the faucet and using the message setting on the shower head. It was nice and all, but it had nothing on the sensation and comfort of having the water come to me. For the next 15 years I thought about how cool it would be if someone would create a product to aid bringing the water to me.  I took some time but I finally realized it would be me who was going to create it. 


Maureen, creating a new product by yourself is easier said than done. Could you tell us a bit about the process that led to the final product?

It started with the motivation.  After mentioning the concept of The WaterSlyde to my OBGYN, her response was, “Now that’s something I would invest in!”  I immediately called a patent attorney and received the green light. Then the real fun began. I attempted to make prototypes using different materials found at local stores, failing each time.   Then a good friend helped me design it using a 3D printer. I sent the CAD file to be printed and made a few adjustments. I tried it and loved it (many times, you know for research). Then 20 women tested The Water Slyde and after each one either wouldn’t give it back or wanted to buy one, we knew we had something special.  Finally, I met with an injection molding factory to mass produce The WaterSlyde. And, I have been on this journey ever since. 


Can you please explain how the incredibly beautiful WaterSlyde can be utilized to aid a woman find her sensuality?

One of the first steps to exploring your sensuality is to remove any shame and or guilt you may have.  Whether you are a first timer, a self proclaimed seasoned veteran, or someone who is finding her way back, The WaterSlyde is a non-intimidating, gentle yet powerful tool to help you slip back into finding enjoyment in sexual pleasure.  Allowing the water to flow over you while lying comfortably in your tub can bring you to anywhere you want to be. There is no shame in having one of the purest elements nature has to offer wash over you. Bathing has been for centuries one of the most sensual activities you can indulge in, The WaterSlyde adds to the experience by stimulating you.   


How do you want to impact the pleasure tool industry in a positive way for women and pleasure?

My hopes are that one day woman of all ages will feel comfortable in purchasing, gifting, and receiving a pleasure product.  I am committed to normalizing the once taboo market. I believe by keeping our brand “clean” is one way to break through into the mainstream market.  We are carried by, adult novelty stores, pharmacies, mom and pop shops, lingerie stores, doctor and therapist offices. 


Your WaterSlyde is very empowering, as it offers women a way to be the decision makers when it comes to their pleasure, what would you like to say to the people that are a little more hesitant about products such as yours?

It’s okay to have reservations about trying something new.  Ask yourself what are the risks versus rewards. If it’s safe and not too expensive, just try it.  If you don’t enjoy it, guess what, you don’t have to do it again. If you do, well you have just opened up your world to more pleasure.  And that is a wonderful reward. 


What advice would you give to those that need to heal sexual trauma by utilizing the WaterSlyde ?

Firstly, would like to say to your feelings are valid and it was not your fault.  Healing is a process and once a woman is ready to reintroduce intimacy The WaterSlyde is a gentle first start. You can be by yourself and there is no penetration which can be intimidating for some.  A theropsist in Mexico City shared with me she recommends The WaterSlyde to her patients as a introduction back into intimacy. She suggest they can use it for personal hygiene or arousal. This in a way gives them a mental allowance to explore stimulation without having to dive fully into a sexual act.     

 What do you want to tell woman who are seeking to take on their own passion projects, and make them their career?

 If I can do it so can you!  You will learn a lot along the way, all you have to do is just start.  Whether it is registering for a domain name or saying it out loud. Be smart about your investment in time and money.  I asked myself if I didn’t make a single penny back on my initial investment would I be okay. A great quote I heard was, “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.

  Maureen, thank you for sharing your time and energy with us where can the Kinktra lovers find you?

Thank you for welcoming me into your space.  You can find me on most social media sites @TheWaterSlyde and at our website www.WaterSlyde.com



Jane Jett