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Kink + Tantra

About Kinktra

Kinktra splices Kink and Tantra to enrich intimacy, ignite relationships, and activate the mind, body and soul connection. Kinktra is Kink and Tantra together in harmony — joining your soul’s higher consciousness and shadow for a whole sexual experience. Embodying light and dark allows you to deepen your healing process and or explore two incredible, delicious taboos at once. It’s sex as medicine, and it’s made for every one.



I inspire people to break free of sexual shame and sexual taboos, and liberate others to live a orgasmic way of life. I’m a Kink coach, Tantra educator, yoga teacher and sexologist for all bodies. I believe you can heal trauma, discover yourself, and inspire a juicer life through better sex.

I’m known for creating a sex-conscious community in Los Angeles, Cali., where people come together for some of the most decadent sex parties L.A. has to offer. I owned and operated Studio Servitu, an intimate event space where stars like Marilyn Manson, Kat Von D, Michael Hussar, Janis Dickinson and more came to play. The studio catered to freedom of expression and sexual exploration, with many parties designed for and catered to women. By hosting live events, I helped people turn fantasies into for real experiences.

I teach sexual education through several outlets and host a sex education podcast called Kinktra In The Raw. Brands I’ve worked with include Playboy Radio, Vivid Radio, Bellesa, Chakrubs, SheVibe, NSFW, Foria, and beyond.

I’m on this earth to to create a safe place where you can evolve in your sexuality through Kink, Tantra, Tantrica, the BDSM lifestyle, and beyond. We don’t have much time in this beautiful world or in this body. So my soul’s purpose is ambitious and urgent: to help you free yourself from negative beliefs so you can have the best sex of your life. It’s never too late, and these practices can empower your mind, body, and soul.





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Jane Jett’s journey began as a model, introducing her to the BDSM world. Since then she has been featured in high-end alternative magazines like Inked, Bizarre, Von Gutenberg Magazine, Marquis, and DDI. She’s drawn large crowds with her fetish performances at Cine Kink LA, Trash NYC, Kit Kat Club in Berlin, Bar Sinister, Playboy Mansion, The Roxxy in Los Angeles, Club Obscure, and fetish balls around the country, as well as a suspension artist for Jane’s Addiction.

 Jane Jett is an former professional dominatrix, and creator of the infamous high-end studio and creative space Studio Servitu, where she and guests re-inspired erotica and art culture in LA.

Today, Jane is a Somatic Sexologist and host of the the podcast Kinktra in the Raw. Kinktra in the Raw is a sexual and intellectual guide to all things pleasure that openly discusses and educates listeners about sexual positivity, taboos, the benefits of sexual liberation, and much more. The podcast features a diverse list of guests from the adult arena. Her goal is to teach women authentic sexuality.