004: Fervor Friday With Jodelle Duverseau Of Femme Du Soir

Our bodies know about change, rhythm and cycles. This is women's eternal, universal secret. Nature is rhythm, and our bodies are part of nature - not only the immediate earth environment but the exquisite vast movement of the cosmos. I am beyond humbled to have so many extraordanry woman come onto Fervor Friday and share their authentic stories with us here at Kinktra, Today it is a true honor to bring you the beautiful goddess Joedelle Duverseau of Femme Du Soir a woman after my own heart and with a mission as euphoric and profound as mine.


Jodelle Duverseau is the CEO and Founder of Femme Du Soir. Femme Du Soir means “Woman Of The Night. Reincarnation mediator or Goddess, Jodelle Duverseau a Haitian woman of 27 years from the diaspora, offers her worship to the sensuality of women. Femmedusoir aims to promote women, through erotic literature, sensual images, and films. At the Age of 8 years old, Jodelle Duverseau discovered a form of expression that resided within the depth of her soul. She was drawn to nature, she called the moon her companion, she admired the night's mystery, and the way the wind swayed through her hair, she loved the smell of the earth after the rain and dreamed of lying nude on foreign beaches. She admired the warmth of sunsets and sought the promises of the dawn. Women like her aren't afraid to dream, to cry and express their vulnerability with ease. They understand that their femininity is not a weakness and that they are not only defined by their strength. From that time on, she used that essence to connect with people, her environment, and most importantly herself. That essence was used often as a form of escapism, meditation, and awareness as Jodelle Duverseau mastered it over time to create a work of art; depicting her most vibrant sexual experiences, portraying her "Joie de Vivre", her desire to connect with nature and people, her hunger for harmony, love and diversity in creative expression for the sake of innovation.

Who is Jodelle Duverseau ?

Jodelle Duverseau is a woman who grew up in Haiti, who has always seen the world as a place for escapism and endless possibilities. Honest, Bold, Innovative and full of High Inspirations, Jodelle has always dreamed to make a difference in the world by living in accordance with all her heart’s true desires. Today Jodelle is a woman who dreams of conquering her body while serving and helping others to do the same.

Moreover, at this moment, how do you spend your days?

I spend my days writing my upcoming book which will unveil why I have chosen the lifestyle I'm living by and the meaning behind becoming a nude model, but these days, my hands are full. Between posing, and shooting work for my sites and getting ready to launch my first product, I'm stoked by a stream of inspiration and creativity. At this moment in my life, I'm grounded in my work and living my purpose which is to do what I love in the hope to serve and inspire others to follow their true heart’s desires.

Can you tell us about your up brining’s?

Absolutely, I'd be glad to share that because part of whom I've become now is highly in sync with my upbringings. I grew up in Haiti, in a beautiful family where I am the second child amongst three other siblings. Back home, my family is known for owning and running a school while serving their community. My parents are educators and believe in the benefits of getting an education, because of the strictness behind their values and core beliefs. I started reading about many different subjects at an early age and also inherited my father’s flawless, exquisite style of writing when I started writing poems and proses at the age of fourteen. My mother was the center of the family; she knew how to do everything, which made life quite easy for us growing up. My mother is the first woman who inspired to embrace my feminine essence, because of her unique sense of style and love for makeup and beauty tips. While my other siblings followed all the rules, I was known to be the rule breaker, an outspoken rebel in the house, besides Behind clumsy and quite unpredictable at times. I was blamed for all things found broken in the house, due to my folly of wanting to fly ;). My childhood was quite awesome, but till this day I still follow some of the principles my family instilled in me early on about worlds ‘influences, temptations, persistence, thinking positively, the importance of altruism, the power in knowing one’s unique intelligence and how to use it to progress in the real world.

Goddess I see that you created Femme Du Soir, can you tell us about this orgasmic vision come to life?

I have been asked many times why I picked “Femmedusoir” as my artistic persona, as the name was wrongly interpreted by many. I was always one to be obsessed with symbolism, I've always liked the depth and things that interconnect. I studied symbolism in literature, one of my favorite subjects learned in Haiti.

Femmedusoir was first named after my Venus which represents the sexual energy that is within me and how I express my sensuality and sexuality. Femmedusoir is French, but when translated in English, it means, “woman of the night,” the woman I unleash at night, or perhaps the energy that grinds within my soul at night.

In my work, I embody that “Energy,” that woman, which makes my art form sensual and erotic as well as feminine and mysterious. It is, of course, the display of that persona and the total abandonment in expressing it, that started my inclination for eroticism, nudism, nude art, body image, and self-love.

Femmedusoir was unleashed during a moment in my life where I was uncovering my sexuality and discovering my body, how to love and connect to it. At this particular period in my life, I am profoundly aware of the power that lies in sexual spiritualism, which is why I have been calling myself sacred femme. It is true indeed through that belief I decided to share my nudity with many people, even if few knows the real woman within me.

Through my sexual prowess or sexual power, harnessed and preserved, “Femmedusoir” a manifestation of sensuous energy, of sexual spiritualism, sensuality, feminine essence, mystery, and empowerment came to be

• Goddess what led you to embrace your sensuality and why is doing so important?

Sensuality is a form of self-love and self-awareness towards oneself and the world, which is healthy and at the same time empowering. Sensuality isn't often taught to us early on in my life. But I was always a sensual being. I cannot recall a time I wasn't connected to nature, to my feelings and to those of others; however, it is certainly my lack of confidence in my body that led me to embrace my sensuality. I was fighting a huge fear. A fear that started in my early adolescent years, due to my thinness. After puberty, my body didn’t bloom like that of a woman. I began to question my health, my appearance, even my worth. Over time being bullied for my size took a toll on me, to the point where I stopped looking at my reflection in the mirror. I was extremely displeased with my size; I wanted to look bigger, I wanted to become more than what I was, to be acceptable or maybe to be seen as normal. That fear led me to embrace my sensuality, which led me to shed my clothes solely for the purpose of owning and embracing all that I am. Discovering what kind of sensual woman I am, connecting with my body in a sensual/ spiritual way was always important to me. It was always my dream to become fearless in my body, to live up to this ideal, of a woman whom has not only conquered herself but also the world. That would be my legacy.

Goddess at Femme De Soir you have some stunning pictures of yourself, could you tell us how you became so comfortable in your skin and what advice would you give other goddesses on how to feel seductive in their own body?

That comfort started with accepting myself as I am, without judgment or comparison to others. Nothing shatters your confident more than to compare yourself with other people. We are all beautiful in our own way and allowing ourselves to exist just as we are is the most beautiful act of love anyone can do to themselves. Comfort also comes easy when we cultivate the desire to be nude and be seen. If your desire is to be comfortable nude, arranged a fun way to be seen nude. Photograph yourself, enjoy it, and, allow your body to become.

Hint: You should feel like your soul is unfolding like silk

To feel seductive in your body you must first know your body, and body type, know your best assets and then use them to seduce hunnie. There's no shame in this game as long as it's done with elegance, and in calculated motions, it will captivate people. It doesn't matter what your seductive nature is, the sooner you develop your style, the faster the world will accommodate. Know your body, use your weaknesses, don't hide them, master your physical strength. If your seductive power is mental, know how to use your words, how to hold a conversation, be mysterious, leave something to the imagination. It all depends about your nature. Discover it

Goddess what inspires you to write erotic literature? Do you plan on publishing a book?

Passion is what inspires me. If you can feel a lot of passion, you can write. Being able to feel intensely is a gift and should be released through art. I am passionate about loving-making, the fusion between the body and soul of two human beings is one to be mesmerizing about. There's such beauty, so much mystery, so much physical and mental arousal in exploring eroticism that one can't help but to become enslaved to their fantasies. One can't help but to let go.

I do plan to release an erotic book as well as short films in the years to come. I think it's a beautiful art form that should be preserved and appreciated more.

Goddess I also see that you pose for live drawings, can you tell us a little about your personal experience in these lovely settings filled with art and imagination?

Posing for live drawings is the most remarkable part of being an art model. Live Drawings can be very intimate and the same time intense, you’ll always leave with a sense of fulfillment and total appreciation for who you are, which explains why I enjoy posing at such events. I love the intensity that flows in the room, between the stare of strangers and artists, and the anonymity of the body soon to be revealed. The room is often split between the excitement of the professionals, the nervousness of the amateur, the wittiness of first-time sketchers and the engulfing smell of wine or beer depending of the venue, and the final revelation of the nude body. The room often sinks in a void where only the connection between the artist and the model seems to exists. The flickering sound of moving pencil often blends in harmony the soothing of music. After the first quick poses. I fall deeper and deeper within my own beautiful void. I always leave with a sense of self-renewal, and deep appreciation for the artists, and the art they create. Live Drawings have indefinitely marked my soul.

• Goddess can you tell us, what is the kinkiest thing you have ever experienced?

Well, one time I shared my most intense fantasy with my partner. At the time, we had just begun to date each other. The sexual tension between us was indeed vibrant. One night he asked me about my most intense fantasy, what would it be. I then shared my desired to be watched by lover while having intercourse with another. To my big surprise, my partner had planned to make my kinky fantasy a reality, sooner than I had anticipated it lol. It was definitely all I have dreamed of. This experience made me love my partner even more. I would never forget the way he watched me that night while melting in pleasure. Definitely hot ;)

• Sex, self-pleasure, deep intimacy… are topics that don’t seem to be as readily or openly accepted by society yet. Why is this?

I feel it's the shame about expressing our sexuality from early on that started it. And that shame instills ignorance in some and in others a lack of interest or even a complete disgust for learning about sexuality altogether. There are many factors behind such hostility, but I believe religious beliefs play a big role in the impact comfort with sexuality or anything related can have in someone’s life. Another factor may have come from the different core values and principles that were taught to each of us. Some may define such topics as trivial and bothersome to be revealed explicitly in the public eye; some may find them interesting and educational.

A lot of times, I noticed that most parents worry about their children discovering the truth or having access to such topics too early can damage their perception and steal their innocence. Which is a conception I've always disagreed with. I believe the earlier we know the truth about who we are, what we are and what our body and mind can do, the sooner we will understand who we are, our purpose and our place in this beautiful world. The truth about knowing our body and how to use it, shouldn't be hidden. We can prevent a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings with teaching the truth early on, without being nervous about it or using fear tactics to diminish the desires we all feel. Honesty, knowledge, and experience will always win. I'm still hopeful that the sexual revolution of this time, will help eradicate the shame some of us still suffer from.

• Goddess what does sexual healing mean to you?

All sexual healing that took place in my life recently have begun with intimacy. Intimacy is an open gate to release sexual traumas and other mishaps that might have happened during intercourse. Sexual healing to me means to allow myself and my partner to be vulnerable while being honest about what we individually desire to quench every one of our needs. Sexual healing can happen through therapy or ancient tantra healing arts. I often prefer to share my honest feelings with my partner while allowing him to do the same. I highly believe in the importance of intimate conversations with your partner. They often do the trick for me ;)

• Goddess do you have any advice for females on how to utilize their sexual energy?

Yes absolutely, I'd say discovering the type of woman you are, plays a big role in discovering your sexual persona, as well as knowing how to use it. My first advice would be to discover “ You” for yourself first. This task should never someone else's responsibility. You must know who you are, and then you must conquer it. That's the first step. But to use your sexual energy well you must know what not do to your body. You must understand how precious you are and how important all living things are. Knowing that will help you harness your sexual energy. To harness your sexual, you must know how to choose your sexual partners well. There's must be a spiritual connection that goes beyond the physical. You must also learn how to take care of your body, and how to preserve your essence (don't release too much of it).. once all those steps are met, you will elevate your frequency/vibrations. You will become magnetic, and you'll also develop a lot of endurance and the ability to attract confidently what you want. Remember sex is a powerful energy, that can be used to create because let's not forget that's the energy that brought us all here, knowing how to harness your sexual energy will give you the ultimate power to attract what you want. To utilize it well you must not waste yourself. Nothing precious should be wasted.

• Goddess, when you are caught up in your head or just really busy/distracted in life, how do you get back to earth (and into your body)?

I take deep breaths, I speak to my inner self, well I speak to myself lol. I'm like Jodelle get it together girl!!!! Get it together!!!! Snap out of it!!!!! Let's go!!!!

• Goddess do you have a favorite ritual?

My favorite ritual is definitely my weekly scented baths. Nothing puts me in a better mood than to drift in the tub to the sound of soothing music, nude completely away from the world. I love to pamper myself; I love the feeling of water droplets scrolling down my skin and wet hair. I love the idea of being vulnerable alone, in my nudity, with my thoughts and my dreams.

• Goddess can you share some tips for embracing sensuality and being sexually empowered?

Tips To Embrace Your Sensuality :

Enjoy being in your own skin

Give a voice to your body

Become aware of the world around you

Surrender to your senses

Allow life to invade you

Pamper your self

Take nudes ;)

Tips To Become Sexually Empowered

Discover your sexual nature

Learn how to utilize your sexual power

Value yourself

Take care and protect your body

Harness your sexual essence

Choose your partners well

Express your sexuality in a healthy way

- Jodelle, thank you for sharing your time and energy with us where can the Kinktra lovers find you?

I can be found on Instagram @_femmedusoir

Or through my website Femmedusoir.com

Jane Jett