Manifestation VS Conjuring By: Amy Jindra

Manifestation VS Conjuring

By: Amy Jindra


Manifesting is a natural consequence of a deep, spiritual practice. What I read about and hear about when it comes to vision board parties and full moon circles is actually conjuring. Hopefully I can clear up the confusion and help guide you into a practice that leads to less confusion and suffering.

As a practitioner of Tantra I have access to a lot of energy. A question I have to ask myself daily “What am I going to do with all of that power?” 

When it comes to energy, especially sexual energy, Shakti/creation energy- it is potent, powerful and it works fast. So in these practices, know that if you add energy to anything, it expands. Whether that is an obsession, worrying, sickness- it all expands.

To begin teaching energy practices like this it’s important to be healthy, to be clear and to be in your heart when manifesting. Otherwise we are calling things in from our wounds and I will tell you first hand- it hurts like hell.

I’ve called in the man that wasn’t good for me. I pulled the job I wanted into experience to find that I had to free myself from it later. I created the perfect dynamics of community- that were never meant for me. 

Manifesting is a path leading you to things that are from your heart and spirit- could be big or small. Conjuring is pulling things into being, usually from our wounds. If I have a lover I will feel better. If I make more money I’ll feel powerful. If I “manifest” this new job, I will feel new. Except it doesn’t work. It doesn’t fix anything. So using these techniques I would recommend tuning into your body and your wounds before calling in “things”. This is also healing energy. 

Put it towards your heart, your voice, your safety and security WAY before focusing on the external and it will save you frustration and heartbreak. 

That being said, these practices are a fun way to dance in the world, play with your power and get grounded in your own desires. 

How do you know if you’re desire is from a wound or your power? It’s subtle, but you’ll know by how you feel. If you’re calm, clear and detached then it’s coming from a higher place than say a painful memory or reactionary.

That’s where meditation comes in. The Shiva for your Shakti. Holding the space for your glorious creation. However you can slow down your brain and your energy. I like to sit quietly with candles, focus on my breath and let the crazy fall away. Prayer, meditation, sitting in nature- anything that will calm your mind and clean the slate of rampant thoughts.

We also have so many people in our lives or spiritually around us that we can include and call upon. So if you’re all about manifesting and calling in your abundance- ask for your family to be blessed, invite your ancestors in, welcome your teachers and your guides into this energetic smorgasbord- it will change everything.

Begin with no judgement. This practice is to feel pleasure in the sensations in your body. This can be done with a partner or by yourself.

Make the space sacred. Pay attention to lighting, music, candles. I recommend having coconut oil in a cup nearby. You can also use olive oil or massage oil. 

Focus on your breath. Take long and deep breaths through your nose, letting it be slow. Inhaling- you are receiving new energy. Exhale- let go of any tension or rigidity. Ujjayi breath is incredible for tapping into our orgasmic energy.

Have your desire represented in some way in the room. I prefer handwritten letters or notes. It could be a picture representation of what you’re wanting to bring in or see in your life. You can use your voice and say “I AM ___.” Or “I HAVE ____.” 

Using your breath and your own soft touch, begin to bring yourself to pleasure. A soft massage, an undulation of your hips, or even bring in a lover to guide you to peak states of energy.

I love to use pleasure wands, yoni eggs, or butt plugs to bring my awareness and my energy into an ecstatic state. Through our breath and our fingertips we are focusing that energy, pulling it through all of our chakras.

Orgasmic energy is healing energy and creative energy.

If you orgasm or not, this heat generating in your body can be honed and focused over time. 

A beginning practice I would bring myself to orgasm having a clear intention of what I am expanding in my life. As I’m orgasming I either call out my desire, or I use my juices as a potent elixir and rub it onto my list of desires. Then give thanks. Let go. It is done.

Give thanks to your guides, to your body and your partner if you had one. 

Pleasure is the strongest magnet in the universe. Even the Gods cannot deny your request if you are in this orgasmic state. Use it wisely and have so much fun.

Our bodies are sacred and so our desires. Manifesting with the new moon and full moon are potent times to begin a practice of syncing into something bigger than yourself. Resetting your rhythm and taking time to really feel into “What do I want? What am I going to do with all of my power?”

About Amy Jindra

I am a powerful Tantra Teacher, Sacred Sexuality Coach, Intuitive, Author and Artist.

Passionate about sharing sacred sexuality and the healing it brings through tantra.  I take great pride helping create a world without shame and guilt, especially around sexuality and our bodies, so that everyone can live a fully expressed and vivid life. My mission is to build a platform of sexual health and education programs, bring awareness to sexual trauma and the power of tantra to heal. 

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