Confessions - Jane 19:02

Deep dark secrets and desires taste like honey to my tongue. Sexuality is the core of life and we must all explore our fantasies as we are only here for a limited time. Restrictions only suppress your sensuality, the very essence of your soul can emote when you allow your body to feel as much orgasmic energy as possible. I absolve you of that which hold you back and urge you to explore, play and be free. 


Now with out further ado I give you: Your Naughtiest Fantasies 


-             My Dom Taking me out and sharing me with with other men while he watches 


-             I love the warmth and taste of a woman squirting on me, lately been craving it like crazy 


-             Tied up by a mistress face down in a hotel and blind folded with a surprise strap on party!


-             I’m bound, gagged, blindfolded in a chair. I feel four hands on me, moving aside my back. 


-             Human toilet 


-             Having you tie me up and tease me until I’m begging you to lick me 


-             You taking me hostage and using me as you see fit 


-             Cumming in a woman’s mouth then she spits it back in my mouth 


-             A threesome with two brothers 


-             Locking eyes with my love as I go slow inside her as extreme pleasure allows her to have an outer body experience 


-             I fantasize about my wife wearing a strap on and having her way with me 


-             The post slap longing look


-             Being able to pleasure someone with out sex 


-             Marry a dominatrix and make her happy, lady in the streets and goddess in the sheets 


-             Double dominatrix with electro play, flogging & spit roasted 


-             Forced Bi 


-             To be a house slave for a dominate couple 


-             Meet at a hotel with a gorgeous mistress seductively tied up face down & made an anal slut with toys 


-             Sub bottom in a MMF threesome, bondage, pegging, role reversal the full 9 


-             To be your slave for a night 


-             Sub 24/7 for a couple of days 


-             Finding a sexual partner, I can completely free myself to explore any and all my fantasies with 


-             Warming my master’s cock under the desk 


-             Be a brat! With a tamer who can actually handle me for once. 


-             I love getting pegged 


-             To be plug 24/7 wearing panties and to be used as a fuck object for the dom and her friends 


-             Being a human sex toy, or wearing fishnets while domming a woman 

Jane Jett