Ep3 - What the KINK!


Let your pleasure be a place to break the rules, whatever they have been for you. So what the Kink? Let’s journey into the erotic beauty of BDSM, Bondage and kink as we know it has been around for over 50 years but it has only been or gained popularity just a few years ago. BDSM is a form of intimate expression that more and more consenting adults are participating in. On this episode we welcome the ever so seductive Helena Locke as we explore the delicious world of BDSM. Helena Locke is a seductive adult starlet and lifestyle Domina that will surly bring you to your knees and if you are lucky enough to serve this incredible Domina your life will forever be enriched with world of exquisite delights. To learn more about Helena visit her at www.dominahelena.com / Social Media IG: @Domina_Helena / Twitter: @DominaHelena

Jessica Bramlett