Ep19 - Kinky Scissor Sisters: Emily Blacc and Rocky Emerson


Ladies and Dover-Men hold on tight as we welcome back our little darling and still un-collared sex kitten Emily Blacc, but this time she has brought along her incredible gorgeous friend Rocky Emerson Straight out of Folsom street fair and from deep inside the San Francisco Kink armory in this episode we dive deep into BDSM role playing. What is BDSM? What are the benefits of BDSM? Golden Showers, Public Degradation, Play Marks, Top, bottom and versatile (or switch) roles and so much more. 

Rocky Emerson: Lifestyle kinkster and exhibitionist. Originally from San Diego, started performing full time in San Francisco, recently moved to Vegas, Rocky has been in porn for 8 months, Rocky is single previously worked in the tattoo and hair industry before submerging her self into the adult industry. Rocky loves exploring the desert, learning film photography. 

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