Ep39 - The Outer and Inner Sensuality of Kendra Ryan Lee


Kendra Ryan Lee shares her experiences as a sex worker. She’s done various forms of sex work including dancing, camming, escorting, and adult films. Kendra tells us why she’s so passionate about sex work, how it affects her own love life & libido, and what her most rewarding client interactions entail. We also discuss how SESTA/FOSTA has made sex work more dangerous and the downsides of the job more impactful. Kendra shares helpful tips and little-known resources for screening clients & evaluating providers in this trying political environment. She also discusses the challenges of being a smaller BBW performer and the need to do away with problematic genres in porn.

About Kendra Lee Ryan

Kendra Lee Ryan has been a sex worker for 9 years. She started dancing at 18 and did that for two years along with sugar daddy dates and arrangements. Webcam became the next interest she had in 2011 before it became the huge sensation it is now. She was discovered by SCORELAND in Florida at age 21 and started filming for “bbw” or “busty” women’s content with Scoreland and Plumperpass. Once filming became slow escorting was her next venture and which she always somewhat dabbled with.

At age 24 she quit everything, got two normal jobs and went to Paul Mitchell and received her license in 2017. While in school and struggling she came back to escorting full time on a site called “humaniplex” using that site soon ended due to the social media aspect of that site and the drama.

Since then she has returned to filming and escorting full time and only does hair if requested. But coming back into the industry in 2017 was challenging due to FOSTA and SESTA act going to effect within the year. Today she’s still filming for Jeff’s Models and Plumperpass but escorting is her main income/job, but getting clients and staying safe hasn’t been what it used to be.

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