Ep 48 - Doing it Doggy Style With Titus Hound


In this episode of Kinktra In The Raw we have the honor of interviewing Titus the hound, we explore the incredible world of pet play. So what is Pet Play? Being a human pet is simply being a pet without including any specifically animal traits. So no barking or meowing, no ears or tails, treats that are human treats rather than animal treats. Animal pets are trained in the behaviors their Owner wants them to have. They often are taught tricks, have toys, typically a bed or small pet house and are punished if they misbehave. In my opinion it’s the tricks, toys and more playfulness that puts you into the category of pet. Of course this is my opinion. You are what your Owner says you are and wants you to be. Titus Hound shares his journey as a Hound being a community leader within the pet play community, striving to create positive, safe spaces for all human pets. Titus immersing himself in pet events and acting as Spokes pup of the inclusive pet play group SoCal Creatures. His dream is to help pet play continue to grow with love and acceptance, educate his community, and one day run for a title.

Jessica Bramlett