0015: Fervor Friday With Founder And CEO Of Loral's Melanie Cristol


Now here’s a little something different for you my loves.. Keep those panties and undies on ladies and gents! The sensation of touching, stroking, and teasing that can happen during foreplay over your panties and underwear builds extra sensation for when nakedness is all that is left ( yes let’s take it way back to our teenage dry humping years) Try keeping your undergarments (at least panties and boxers) on during as much of your foreplay is possible. You will be amazing at the different sensation felt through the cloth and you will be extra aroused for when the fun continues! 

And why stop there ladies this one is for you, Let’s talk about Lorals. What are they? Say hello to this incredibly erotic creation. 

These panties ( Lorals ) are ultra thin & silky latex feel that allows for oral pleasure, rimming and fingering action. Many woman stop themselves from experiencing oral pleasure due to the insecurity of odors or secretion however these panties help eliminate those interruptions. Ladies you can also wear them while you are on your period and not fear receiving oral delight due to our menstrual cycle, enjoy oral even during the most beautiful time of the month just slip these panties on and enjoy your lovers tongue bath. So loves get aroused with your panties on, promote and practice safe oral sex and enjoy the organic feel and touch of oral pleasure. Now it’s truly a pleasure to bring you the woman behind such a genius brand Melanie Cristol.

 Founder & CEO Melanie Cristol

Passionate about helping women become healthier and happier through love and intimacy, Melanie has served as a sexual health advocate at Columbia University, the National LGBTQ Task Force, and Lambda Legal. Prior to founding Lorals, Melanie represented healthcare and consumer-products companies at an international law firm and was part of the legal team that brought gay marriage to Nevada.


   Melanie can you please tell us about yourself?

Hi there! I’m incredibly passionate about helping women become healthier and happier through love and intimacy. I’m currently the Founder and CEO of Lorals, and we create lingerie that can be worn during oral sex and rimming. I feel like my business brings together many aspects of my background. Right before I started Lorals, I was an attorney for healthcare and consumer-products companies. I’ve also advocated for sexual health and gender equality as a community organizer, as an LGBTQ-rights lawyer on the case that brought gay marriage to Nevada, and as a peer sex educator at Columbia University.

Can you tell us a little about your upbringings?

I grew up in Orlando, FL, the land of Disney World. I played in the marching band, performed in musicals, and overall was pretty darn nerdy. (In a good way!) My parents and sister and extended family are wonderful and loving, and for the most part I had a really supportive childhood. We hardly ever discussed sex or sexuality in my family, and it’s been pretty amazing to see everyone come out of their shell (just a bit!) since I’ve founded Lorals.


How would you define yourself and what inspires you?

My goal in life is to help people experience joy and love. To love, to be loved, and to create physical love with another person, are (in my opinion) the greatest feelings in life. The world is full of so much stress and sadness, and I believe that love and joyful times are what help us get through all of the ups and downs. My goal with Lorals is to help people focus on that happiness, love, and joy – to help them make the stress of the world disappear and have a loving or happy moment with another person.

As a woman who multitasks and is currently running a successful business, what advise could you give other women who have no time to create or incorporate pleasure into their lives?

I truly believe that you’ll reap the rewards if you make pleasure a priority. Physical pleasure improves mental health and physical health and brings you closer to your partner. Being in a great mental and physical state in turn makes you more productive in other aspects of your life. Sometimes it’s hard to get in the mood for intimacy, and sex therapists like Emily Morse have great advice on the topic – for example, schedule sex in your calendar, explore your fantasies, and masturbate regularly. It’s totally normal to feel too overwhelmed for sex, but if you can push through those feelings and add pleasure back into your life, you’re likely to feel healthier and happier.

How did you come up with the idea for creating Lorals?

I was on a vacation, and I needed a dental dam. It’s hard to find them in stores in the US, much less out of the country. But even if buying one was a possibility, using it would have been such a disappointment. I wanted to feel sexy and confident, and a flappy sheet of rubber just didn’t fit the bill. After the trip I went back to my lawyer job, but I kept thinking about dental dams. I started having conversations with friends about their oral sex experiences, and so many of them were saying no to oral sex when they wanted to be saying yes. Some said no because they were worried about STIs, others said no because they felt self-conscious, others said no because they’d been through sexual trauma and oral sex felt too intimate, and others said no because their partners had scratchy facial hair and oral sex physically hurt. I realized that sexy, super-thin latex panties could help so many people say yes to oral more often, and I quit my law job to create them.

Can you please explain how your incredibly beautifully crafted Lorals can be utilized to aid a woman find her sensuality?

Lorals are lingerie created specifically for oral sex and rimming. You can slip them on when you’re ready for a special treat. They’re made of silky natural latex that’s ultra-thin and stretchy to allow sensations to pass through, and Lorals block fluids, a partner’s facial hair, self-consciousness, and other things that are holding you back from pleasure. You can also wear Lorals as a way to add kink to the bedroom – Lorals are so much thinner and stretchier than regular latex clothing, so now you can keep on your fetish fashion during oral. We’re also working on making Lorals STI-prevention products — hands-free, beautiful alternatives to dental dams.

What are some of the benefits of using Lorals?

People are using Lorals in so many ways! We’re seeing women in their 20s through 70s use Lorals to receive oral sex for the very first time. Period-havers who’d always turned down period oral are now able to have it all month long. Trauma survivors are using Lorals to reincorporate intimacy into their lives. Trans people are using Lorals to receive oral without an association with their genitals. Lots of people are using Lorals for kink – you can snap Lorals against your body for sound and sensation play, experience their texture against your skin, and have them ripped off of you when you least expect. And everyone’s having a great time rimming with Lorals without having to think about poop! We’re so excited about all of the positive impact Lorals have had on people and their relationships.

How do you want to impact the pleasure industry in a positive way for women and pleasure?

I want to help every woman be able to say yes to oral sex, whenever she wants it. I believe that oral sex is incredibly empowering – for those few minutes it’s all about you and your pleasure. It also feels incredibly good to have someone stimulating you in that way. And those good feelings very often lead women to have orgasms. I actually believe that oral-sex equality is a key to solving the pleasure gap between men and women, and I hope that Lorals will help women experience oral sex (and orgasms) as much as possible.

Your Lorals are very empowering, as it offers women a way to be the decision makers when it comes to their pleasure, what would you like to say to the people that are a little more hesitant about products such as yours?

Our vision is a world where women receive as much oral as they want, whether they’re wearing Lorals or not! Everyone has different opinions about what they like and don’t like during intimacy. While they’re receiving oral, some people want skin-to-skin contact, and others feel like it’s a turn-off, or it feels physically uncomfortable, or emotional barriers come up – and so they say no to oral sex. But just because you don’t want skin-to-skin contact, it shouldn’t mean you’re not entitled to those amazing sensations! With Lorals, you get to say yes and stay within your comfort zone.

What does sexual empowerment mean to you? Moreover, how do you believe sex educators and pleasure toy innovators can empower others to find their sexual authenticity?

To me, sexual empowerment is figuring out what you want and then finding a way to get it. Figuring out what you want can be tough – there are so many cultural influences telling you what you should and should not want in bed. Sometimes it’s helpful to explore on your own. Check out erotica or porn, do a deep internet dive in incognito mode, and see what piques your interest. And then finding a way to get what you want….well, that can also be tough! But the goal is to find a partner that, in Dan Savage’s terminology, is GGG and ready to explore your ideas with you. Speak up, have conversations inside and outside the bedroom, and start to explore all of those cool, interesting ideas you’ve come up with. Some of it you’ll like and other things you might not, and then make a habit of doing more of the things you like. When you’re doing sexual things that feel good for you, you’re truly sexually empowered.      

What do you want to tell woman who are seeking to take on their own passion projects, and make them their career?

I feel like a great first step can be reading a book on the topic. For me, it was a book on starting a business, and then another book on creating a product. I loved getting a step-by-step overview of all of the things I should be considering. And reading the guidance as a book, rather than as a bunch of articles on the internet, felt a lot less overwhelming. Once you’ve read an overview, you know the key terms and main topics that are important for your project, and you can do more research (or get going!) on those aspects. Another thing: don’t let imposter syndrome get to you. Every single first-time entrepreneur, by definition, has never done this before. Get used to figuring things out for yourself and asking for help when you need it, and have confidence that you will soon become the person who knows the most about this one particular thing – your baby, your business


Melanie, thank you for sharing your time and energy with us where can the Kinktra lovers find you?

Lorals Website: mylorals.com

Lorals Instagram: @mylorals

Lorals Facebook: @mylorals

Lorals Twitter: @mylorals

My Twitter: @melcristol


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