001: Fervor Friday With Leora Edut Author Of Goddess On The Go


Hello My loves, as you are aware I have Kinktra In The Raw a Bold, Daring & Raw platform that showcases more of my Yang side. In Kintkra's Box, you will find the more yin, erotic, softer and sensual side of Kinktra as I will be interviewing with leading experts, doctors, pleasure tool creators and authors whom I have had the privilege to know, worked with and or have a mutual admiration for each other's works and message. 

Today I am proud to bring you the creator of Goddess On The Go Leora Edut


Leora thank you for taking some time to answer some questions for KINKTRA, would you bless with sharing your journey with us, please tell us about yourself?

Hi, there I’m Leora creatrix of Goddess On The Go a movement that helps women embody all layers of themselves by providing tools and sisterhood to support them as they tap into the full truth of who they are.

Where did Goddess On the go first originated?

It began in my tiny one bedroom apartment in NYC at a time where I was feeling isolated and invited 7 women to explore sisterhood, sensuality, and what it feels like to have a sacred space where we could be free of judgment, feedback, or advice. It was a place where we all could trust each other’s process.

Can you tell us about the birth and mission of Goddess On The Go?

During the time above we met for 2 years every Thursday. During that time I saw gorgeous shifts not only in myself but in all of the women. I knew that it was because of the consistent receiving and container we held for each other to have our most coveted desires to come through. It hit me that so many women out there didn’t have access to sisterhood or tools that could support them around moving their life out of places they felt depleted or stuck. I began Goddess On The Go 9 years ago in NYC with 35 women, then our second one had 55 women, our third one sold out with over 100 women. We then expanded to LA and Detroit and international retreats. Our mission is to have a diversified sisterhood that supports a woman wherever she is with tools that empower her to live in her body and her highest truth. 

Leora, I see that you highly promote the importance of slowing down to take time to exquisitely care for one's self, can you elaborate on the importance of this message?

Oh YES! As women, we are wired to give to everyone else first. Our kids, jobs/careers, friends/family. We look up and where the hell do we fit in? It’s as if we forgot that we are attached to a body. A body that needs rest, touch, sensual movement, sisterhood, silliness, to dance wildly, support, yummy life energizing foods. When we stop paying attention to these needs we go from the goddess to the angry frustrated “think I’m going crazy cavewoman”

How did you create Goddess experts and what unique contribution do you feel they all add to this incredible sisterhood?

I have had the pleasure to work with so many women who have supported my growth. They are incredible. It’s like going to have a succulent meal you want to share the restaurant with everyone. That is how I feel about the experts that I get to share with women.

In a world where woman are so competitive and there is a lack of true sister-hood can you please give us the prescription for your cure as sisterhood is medicine? 

I call this the goddess guidelines-a judgment-free zone, no advice giving, no interrupting, no gossiping, and what is shared in this sacred space stays within here. We begin all our circles here. It’s a tough thing for us women do not want to jump in and “rescue” another woman from her pain. I remind women that we trust each other’s process. 

Tell us more about the Embodiment Experience Goddess Circle? 

It’s a 6-month virtual experience where we learn to embody all of our emotions, from our anger to our sensuality. Instead of suppressing those emotions we learn how to move it through. We do ancestral healing to clear our own portal from what was the truth of our mother or grandmothers. We work on fierce ass boundaries. I bring in experts around money and teaching women how to have to empower romantic relationships. 

When women witness each other there is something that shifts us all on a cellular level. 

Are they only held in NYC?

No these are virtual. I’ve had women in from Barbados to St Louis. 

I am elated to hear about your book, could you tell us what valuable teachings the Goddess on the go book offers?

Goddess On The Go shares empowering rituals around self-love with pleasure, the feminine movement that makes us feel good in our body, creating beauty as a theme in our lives to remind us of our feminine, health as our connection to life-force, and money rituals that give women a sense of confidence around their finances. 

How where you inspired to create a book?

I kept being asked to bring our live “Goddess On The Go” events to all these different cities, being that there is one of me and a small staff that felt overwhelming and not in my pleasure. I deeply desired to support these women who were asking and I thought why not create a book with some of the experts who have led at the events and that I’ve worked with who made a profound difference in my life. I felt compelled to share my own journey with self-love, money, health, beauty, and sensuality to remind women that this journey is not a snap your fingers overnight process. It takes consistency and the support of sisterhood to thrive.  This is also a desire of mine to see more women create a sisterhood as they read the book together and practice the rituals

I read that you went from being a gangster to a goddess can you tell us about your transition?

LOL! Yes, I grew up in an abusive household so I attracted men and women friendships with people who were also in deep pain. I almost went to prison twice once for fraud and the other time for putting extra items in a bag at a major chain that my friend worked at.  I dated and hung out with friends who sold drugs, carried guns. When I moved out to NYC I started to do the “work”

I learned forgiveness and ways to channel my energy into my passions and giving back to other women who may have been in similar places. 

If you could go back in time and meet your younger self, what one message would you give to her?

I would tell her that she doesn’t need to go outside of herself to seek the love she so deeply desired. 

Can you dive a little deep into how a goddess can or should embrace their feelings of anger and sensuality and not feel shame or guilty for having awareness of such strong emotions?

Anger is a natural emotion just like all our emotions are whether were horny or sad. We have to stop judging those or suppressing those inside that’s how we get addicted to things that aren’t healthy for us because that unprocessed feeling has to come out somewhere eventually.  I want you to turn on some angry music and scream your heart out. I have a plastic bat in my closet and I let it rip. Or sometimes I put on some sad music and fully feel my grief. Sensuality is something that takes me into a confident place so I might play some raunchy hip-hop or something really slow that I can take some deep long hip circles to. I have learned to let the music take over my body. 

What Rituals do you recommend woman to practice or incorporate into their day to day routine that offers more freedom and or a higher connection to themselves and their unique sensuality? 

Definitely the one I spoke about above with movement. Daily self-pleasuring with lube, self-massage with hot oil and when they are doing these practices setting up the environment to support them relaxing into their bodies.  

Let’s dive into your incredibly beautiful program called GEMS, what exactly are GEMS and how did you feel called to create such an incredible movement?

Well GEMS isn’t my movement it’s an organization that provides holistic healing to young girls who have been sexually trafficked in NYC. I have been leading goddess circles to the girls and doing different projects with the girls to empower them in different areas of their lives. I was introduced to them after coming to a viewing of their documentary with Netflix “Very Young Girls.” I was in tears the entire time and knew I had to work with them.

How can we inspire the younger generation to drop their cell phones, social media, and laptops and start to love themselves and develop a sister-hood bond in their early adolescent lives?

I believe programs need to be in school as young as elementary to teach tools of self-love, confidence, sisterhood, and brotherhood. We have to dismantle the system that encourages bullying. 

What does the future hold for Goddess On the Go?

We are collaborating with a few more upcoming book launch experiences. 

In June we are heading to South Of France for The Goddess Level Up, details will be up soon. 

Where can Kinktra enthusiast find you?

Instagram: instagram.com/goddessonthego1

FB: facebook.com/GoddessOnTheGo1

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