0011: Fervor Friday With Tyomi Morgan-Najieb aka Glamazon Tyomi


Every woman has somewhere within her a sense of her authority, a sense of sovereignty. As women we know things through our bodies, emotions, and intuition—we call it female pleasure, and that’s just the way it is! Each moment of female desire is an adventure into the self, an opportunity to get to know the regions within. You are following your trail, being loyal to your personal experience. You give priority to the needs of your inner life. It means you trust your instincts. You permit yourself to find what works for you and to discard notions that seem alien to you. Your inner authority determines the technique you need each day. You take a supportive attitude toward yourself and accept whatever comes up. You celebrate what an individual you are. You don’t make yourself wrong for being different from someone else, or some generic mold. Today I am honored to bring you a woman full of passion, leading the way for pleasure with electrifying classes, videos, blogs and a message of sexual freedom and expression my tantric sister Tyomi Morgan-Najieb aka Glamazon Tyomi.


Tyomi Morgan-Najieb aka Glamazon Tyomi, can you please tell us about yourself?

I am a sexologist, sex writer and Sexual Health content creator, and I have been for seven years now.  Before getting into this work, I was a model and freelance entertainment writer covering live shows to interview celebrities for independent magazines and entertainment websites. I’ve lived many lives before choosing my current tantric path of healing sexual trauma and educating the masses about sexual health. 

Goddess can you tell us a little about your upbringings?

I was raised alongside my twin sister in a middle class neighborhood in West suburbia right outside of Chicago.   My mother and father are the perfect complement to me.  My father is a man of discipline and principle, influenced by his training in the 80’s by the United States Marine Corps.  He is also a spiritual man with insight beyond this world. He has a very beautiful mind.
 My mother is a fierce, driven woman with a kind, giving heart and a fervent love of God. My mother took my sister and I to Church every Sunday up until we left for college. My mother’s faith is strong.  I grew up as a natural leader. I enjoyed helping my peers mediate their issues, tutoring, teaching children to read and being active in sports.  In the 6th grade, I made the cheerleading squad, and I can still do the splits until this day.
 I was very shy and secretly suffered from social anxiety severely.  Having my twin sister in my life has helped deal with the anxiety. I was a lot bigger than my peers and I’ve had a “woman’s body” for a long time.  I was shopping in the same size section as my mom by the 5th grade. I was teased at times, but I never allowed anyone to bully me. My father has always taught me to stand up for myself. I used to get called to the principle’s office often for beating up boys in my school. I’ve always been at the top of my class, and in high school I was class president from Sophomore year until I graduated.  I cared about my peers and our class responsibilities. Like I said , I’ve always been a leader.  It comes natural to me.  

How would you define yourself and what purpose inspires you?

I would describe myself as a loving light being having a human experience for the purpose of spreading Love to this world. God’s purpose is what inspires me and guides my life. 

What does sexual empowerment mean to you? Moreover, how do you believe sex educators can empower others to find their sexual authenticity?

Sexual empowerment is knowing that you have autonomy over your sexuality and taking responsibility for your sexual health. Sex educators can help empower the layperson by providing comprehensive and medically sound education to the masses.  There are many of us that do the work, but it’s up to the people to receive what we have to give to them by way of enlightenment and empowerment through education.  

Tyomi on a day to day bases your message is strong, church of pleasure, why do you feel pleasure is essential?

Our bodies are wired for pleasure. We are rewarded when we feel pleasure.  Our bodies create feel good chemicals and our immune system is boosted when we feel pleasure.  Pleasure releases antihistamines and can relieve pain. We can experience pleasure in 4 different ways: sensually, spiritually, emotionally and sexually. 

Can you tell us what Tantra means for you, and how has Tantra changed your life?

Tantra is a spiritual practice and I use it to heal myself and I teach others how to heal themselves using tantra. Tantra has helped me connect with my inner divinity and cultivate my shamanic powers.  Through tantra,  I have learned how to face by inner demons and heal my perceptions from the past. Tantra has shifted the way I interact with the world around me, and I mow derive more pleasure for every aspect of my human experience. 

Tyomi, I’ve often seen you bring up the subject of kink, could you share with us the kinkiest thing you have experienced?

The kinkiest thing I have experienced was pissing in a man’s mouth. It was an act of eroticism that turned me on more than what I thought it would.  He almost drowned, and I snickered and laughed inside. That appealed to the sadist side of my mind. 

What intrigues you about kink and what would you love to explore?

The pleasure that is derived from things that wouldn’t normally be considered sexual or erotic is what intrigues me about kink, as well as the relationship and dynamics that are played out within kink.  I will be exploring a variety of my kinks for the rest of my life including my role as a switch, my relationship with my Unicorn sub, My relationship as my husband’s pet and baby girl, impact play and rope bondage.  There are so many things that I will explore and discover as the years go on, so I’m open to whatever my higher self encourages me to experience. 

You seem to enjoy kitten play amongst other delicious fetishes could you tell us how you found your love for kitten play?

I’ve been playing as a kitten or puppy since I was a child. I would play with my twin sister and we would take turns. When I found out that these types of play were fetishes, I embraced playing a kitten in my adult life.  

What inspired you to start your YouTube channel GLAMerotica101? 

I wanted to have a Youtube channel to help grow my brand, and I didn’t see the content about sex that I wanted to see on youtube. So, I began doing sex position tutorials. And my channel took off from there. 

Tyomi, you teach woman the importance of learning how to ride a gentleman, can you elaborate as to why there is a lack of education in this subject matter?

There is a lack of education in riding because there is no importance placed on women knowing how to stroke a man.  Most sex education about pleasure for heteronormative couples centers around a woman’s pleasure and a man’s ability to satisfy her with his stroke. But there isn’t much literature or direct education about why and how women should be stroking their male partners.  For the past 3 years, Scientists have labeled cowgirl position as the most dangerous sex position because of the number penile fractures that occur while using the position. A woman’s poor stroke technique is what makes the woman on top position dangerous for men. And most women are out of shape and unable to stroke properly.  I saw a need for this education and created a workout to help women build confidence, strength, flexibility and stamina. 

EXXXotica, could you share with us your involvement with this incredible expo and what can attendees expect to learn in your classes? 

I am the seminar coordinator and resident Sexpert for the Exxxotica Expo and I am touring for my third year in this role in 2019.  I am responsible for coordinating the educational side of this nationwide expo, I lead the seminar series and I also represent the show in the media when we have radio spots. The past two years have been AMAZING growing the show’s educational series. I’m looking forward to another amazing year! My classes are interactive and humorous with a focus on pleasure and connection. People can expect to move and participate in my classes. I like to use props and keep it as casual as possible. No powerpoint, no fancy slide show. Just person to person.


Goddess, can you share with the Kinktra audience they can achieve an orgasm via the A-Spot?

The Anterior fornix is an erogenous zone located within a recess on the front wall of the vagina near the cervix. Using a missionary position will stimulate the A Spot by allowing the lingam to slide along the front wall of the yoni. When stimulated consistently at a rhythmic pace, women can experience highly lubricating orgasms that are felt deep within the pelvis and come in waves. For some women, accessing the A spot means hitting the cervix and causing pain in the process. Focus on deep breathing and sending energy to the A Spot and lifting the hips a little towards your partner to help them find the spot more easily.  

Do you have any advice for females on how to utilize their sexual energy?           

Use your orgasms to manifest everything you deserve.  Fantasize about the life you want to live as you stimulate yourself, and when you climax, imagine that fantasy floating off into the universe. 

What advice would you give to those that need to heal sexual trauma? 

Whenever you are ready, there is work for you to do.  You can not heal the traumas you’ve experienced through wishing them away.  You will have to do a lot of inner work in order to unblock the energy that is being held up in unprocessed emotions.  The process will not feel good, and it will be good for you.  “Don’t be afraid of a little pain, pleasure is on the other side.”-John Legend.  

When you are caught up in your head or just really busy/distracted in life, how do you get back to earth (and into your body)? 

I get moving! I love to dance, and when I move my body I move my energy.  Any dampened energies that I could be carrying in my body are transmuted when I warm it up. I enjoy twerking and isolating my hips.  Dance has helped me heal the relationship I have with my body. 
-Do you have a favorite ritual?

My favorite ritual is praying. I pray daily, all throughout the day. Meditation is also prayer. I meditate often. 

Can you share some tips for embracing sensuality and being sexually empowered?

To embrace sensuality is to FEEL life. Our 5 senses are how we experience life, and to be connected to sensuality into be connected to your senses. Deeply enjoying the aroma of your favorite food cooking, or sinking into the feeling of a lover’s kiss. These are the moments that help us connect to sensuality when we are completely conscious of the experiences we are having through our senses. Pay attention to what you taste, touch, see and hear with present consciousness. Don’t just float through life unaware moving from moment to moment.   

Tyomi thank you for sharing your time and energy with us where can the Kinktra lovers find you?

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