Taboo Tuesday Sploshing

What Is Sploshing?

Sploshing, also known as Wet and Messy fetish, is a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when copious amounts of a substance are applied to the naked skin, face, or to clothing. Sploshing can involve playing with a range of different ingredients, with many foods such as custard, cream, chocolate sauce and ice cream commonly used. As well as food, sploshing can also involve substances such as lubricant, mud, paint, oil and lotion.

Sensation play is a large appeal with sploshing, with the textures of the food or substances used throughout creating a unique sensory experience. The visual aspect of this fetish is also a source of turn on for a lot of people involved, especially when substances of different colors and consistencies are applied to one’s body.

Bringing Food Into Sexual Play

Start small with foods like whipped cream, strawberries or flavored body paint is an approachable taste test to this unique fetish. Turn it into a fun and playful time with a partner and enjoy eating dessert off their body! When playing with food and different substances during sploshing, it is important to use certain safety precautions to avoid any nasty accidents from occurring. Make sure that if applying any substances to the genital area, wear underwear as a barrier for food reaching these intimate areas.

Why So Serious?

It’s food so you should be having fun, play with you partner and come up with fun ways to get eachother or yourself excited to play within this delicious fetish.

Jane Jett