Removing Your Blindfold


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to KINKTRA, the long, daunting wait has finally come to its fully orgasmic peak. I want to welcome you into my womb, a safe place for all, free of judgments, and the worries of the world. If you have been following me for some time, you understand how important sex education is to me, and sadly society has deemed sex as dirty and sinful act. Since the dawn of time we have been sexual creatures, perhaps we did not understand how to express it or navigate sensuality, arousal and the art of romance but now we have so many tools available to take you the most incredible sensual adventure of a lifetime. 

Let me be evident sexuality is a very profound act between two or more individuals and I highly recommend you utilize your views and judgments as you see fit the needs of your lifestyle. Now let’s dive a little into the creation of KINKTRA. As a young girl (yes we are going there) I have always been attracted to sexuality more or less the psychology of human sexuality, I then had a deep amours relationship with human sexuality books including all sociology and psychology classes. Lets fast forward into my college years where I continued to submerge myself into this science further. Yes, of course, you can have all the academic smarts and degrees but what happens when life offers you experience? During this time, I somehow became an alt model, and within this exploration, I meet a dominatrix that soon changed the course of my life. This incredible dominatrix then introduced me to her teacher which in part later became my mentor, and I entered her BDSM F/family. My mentor spent years teaching me the art of kink in the old guard traditional training format. As I continued to evolve, I then opened up a hub in downtown LA called Studio Servitu where the primary objective was to redefine and re-inspiring America’s erotic and art cultures by bringing them together, Studio Servitù was LA’s premiere high-end studio and creative space. Shortly after I closed the doors to this incredibly successful studio, I then embarked into a spiritual journey. I obtained my 200-hour yoga teacher training certification and within this course, I meet my tantric mentor. I then underwent an incredibly juicy and orgasmic evolution with my tantric teacher and tantric sisters where it could not be more evident that the universe wanted me to become a sexual healer outside the traditional office therapist.  

Within this website, I will offer courses, educational blogs, interviews with leading educational experts and a link to my podcast.  I intend to back away from posting so much informative content on my social media handles. Sadly, social media has become unsafe for teaching erotic science.  Here we will dive into some juicy topics with no filter, breaking taboos, redefine moral and social sexuality standards. Kinktra teaches us that without eroticism, the mind becomes restless and unsatisfied. We will also go further down the rabbit hole in further depicting KINK and TANTRIC topics and why these two modalities are essential healing tools and discover how sex is medicine for your body. I want to welcome and thank you all for joining me in this beautiful exploration into the mind, body and soul connection.

Jessica Bramlett