JETT from HotOctpuss (Guybrators I Vote YES!)

I love guybrators, yes ladies gentlemen need masturbators/vibratos to.

Let’s explore the ever so amazing JETT by HotOctopuss ( named after me, Just kidding)

JETT is a powerful Guybrator that is worn against the frenulum, just below the tip of the penis. It delivers an intense, hands-free orgasm with a flexible sleeve that expands, enabling the user to go from flaccid to erect effortlessly. JETT is powered by two custom ‘bullet’ vibrators each containing a different sized motor, which delivers different vibration frequencies. The Treble Bullet emits intense high- frequency waves while the Bass Bullet provides deep, rumbly low-frequency stimulation. The user can deploy each bullet separately or in combination.JETT comprises of two custom, metalized brushed bullets, an innovative expanding sleeve, and a sleek ergonomic control unit

The genius of the Jett lies in its motors because there are two of them, and not only are they the sort of high-quality motors that you’d expect from Hot Octopuss, but each is distinct. One motor – dubbed the “Bass” – has a deep rumbly feel to it, producing the type of penetrating vibrations, and the other – the “Treble” – is a little further down the scale towards the buzzy end. Each motor is strong and powerful in its own right, but it’s how they work in tandem, which is where the magic happens.

The Jett is designed to be operated as a handsfree device that’s worn directly on the penis, and so it comes with a little holster to house the two motors. It’s a simple silicone piece containing three holes, one for each motor and then a third larger one for the penis. It’s cleverly shaped to fit around the rim of the head, and thus align the motors up against the sensitive frenulum on the underside.

The “brain” of the Jett is a small power box about the size of a mini remote control. It’s quite ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand and takes 4 AA batteries (not included) which add a little bit of weight to it. On the top are 5 operational buttons, one for on/off, and then a + and – for each motor, allowing them to be adjusted independently. Interestingly the Jett can be partially disassembled as the motors unplug from the end of the power unit, leaving open the possibility of future accessories that could be used with the box. 

Okay Okay, so Ladies listen if you really want to watch how your man comes to a full orgasm place this delicious toy on him and watch him reach his peak. But why stop there you can always utilize this toy as a pre-game to the lovemaking. Perhaps strap him on to the JETT while giving him a rim job or an add on to some mind-blowing oral session. The incredible toy will surely enrich his and your pleasure.

Jane Jett